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Father Playing with Daughters

Parents/Caregivers Task Force

This group focuses on how to support individuals that are taking care of children who are not childcare professionals.

Members of this task force address (though are not limited to) the following strategies:

  • Expand support to parents through home visiting, referrals, services, and information.

  • Explore pathways to reach families at the prenatal and perinatal stages.

  • Explore programs to further support at-home parents/caregivers and for families of children with different abilities.

  • Ensure access and support for regular mental health screenings for young children and their caregivers.

  • Address equity gaps among parents/caregivers that currently limit opportunities for young children to learn and develop.

  • Support multi-generation programs – provide services to both the children and the caregivers to ensure the child’s full range of needs will be met.

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