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Provider Coordination Task Force

This group will try to find ways for agencies to have open lines of communication, share data, collaborate, and partner on projects and initiatives. The goal is to create further alignment between all these providers as well as share best practices.

Members of this task force address (though are not limited to) to the following strategies:

  • Strengthen connections among all early childhood providers.

  • Encourage collaboration and cross-referrals by creating more connections among early childhood providers and other related people and institutions (such as medical professionals).

  • Build more systematic communication channels between early childhood providers and schools, especially about incoming kindergarten students.

  • Ensure that health clinics have tools and referral information to ensure that they can support parents/caregivers in getting their children all needed early childhood services and/or opportunities.

  • Host provider roundtables.

  • Support the Advocacy and Outreach Task Force

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